We provide and recommend private lessons for beginners, advanced and competitors, with highly qualified instructors. These lessons can be one-on-one or instructor/couple lessons. You can make an appointment for a private lesson at any time seven days a week from 10am till 10pm. We can even arrange a group class for you and your friends for special events such as weddings or holiday parties.

Hans de Wilde


Tuesdays 10:00am Zumba

This coming Tuesday...We welcome Angelique Buntin. A well known Zumba teacher with Long term experienced Dancer in the Tampa Bay Area... $5

Upcoming Changes in our Dance Events. Can be seen on "Pricing and Scheduling". Fridays Group Class and practice.

Group Class 8:15pm
$15 per couple $10 per Person

Social Practice 9:00pm
$15 per couple $10 per person

$25 per couples $15 per person for both


Argentine Tango Practica
We are open again for the Tango Dancers on Wednesday at 8:00pm.

This event will be for couples only until further notice...

Red, White and Blue
Team Match

Due to the Coronavirus 2019, we have decided to Start a new Team Match in March 2021. More information will follow...