d W Dance Opened their first-ever venue in the old Battersea Town Hall

d W Dance First Event 1992
Battersea, London, UK

The entrance was very well designed with marble floors and Lead in Glass.

The Ballroom itself is 7000 sq ft. With a wide stage and Changing rooms and showers on each side of the stage. Also, underneath the Stage is another entrance to a second Ballroom which is 2000 sq. ft.

Ballroom Dancing events are still taken place at the now renamed B.A.C.

About Hans de Wilde

Dance Professionals

Hans de Wilde, a Professional International Standard and Smooth dance competitor from Europe. Hans is also a standing member of the:

NADTA (North America Dance teachers of America) 2003
NCDA (National Dance Council of America) 2000
IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) 1992

ISTD (Advanced Tecnique)

Competing Professional, Ballroom. Adjudicator, and Dance Teacher.
Danced in various Pro and Pro/Am comps.

Qualified in 1992 London, UK.