Calendar and Events

Social Ballroom and Latin Dance Party

Every Thursday at Ballroom 66

10001 66 Street North Pinellas Park, Florida.

The doors will be open 8:00PM. You will also be provided with an excellent wooden dance floor. Great music and atmosphere (prices can be different depending on entertainment).

See pricing on Calendar below

Private Dance Lesson

Private Lessons

We provide and recommend private lessons for Beginners, advanced and competitors, with highly qualified instructors. These lessons can be on-on-one instruction or instructor/couple lessons. You can make an appointment for a private lesson at any time seven day's a week from 10am till 10pm.

We can even arrange a group class for you and your friends for special events such as weddings or holiday parties.

Learn Ballroom and Latin Salsa Tango,

We offer Private Instructions

Group Classes

You can find out when the Group classes are in the calendar and can vary every month depending on what dance you would like to learn the group classes are usually followed by Social Party Practice Night. Great night out, Good wooden Dance Floor, Fantastic Music.

See calendar for locations

BallrooM and Latin

Every Friday at 1st Dance Studio

Very recommended if you would like a great night out with excellent music Good Floor and fantastic music. Call all us for more details.

See Calendar below for more details

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The Tropicana has been a great competition for many Dance Studio's. We hope you will be enjoying this competition as we will be there also. See you there...