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We are looking for Tango Dancers for our Tango Stage Team

What does the dance look like?

This is confusing, as there are three different dance forms called Argentine tango, and they are very different from one another.

We think that the Tango industry has changed from a lot of people who think they are teachers and know nothing about technique and posture. We have recommendations with teachers who have at least 10 years or professional ballet training and are up-to-date with new techniques of dancing.

We will put a stop to teachers who are not really teacher. We found that in the USA there are too many amateurs who think they can teach than i look at there students, and think its atrocious how they can call there selfs teachers, if the student does not even know how to walk.

The tango scene in Florida needs to change. W have the means to do so!


Finally, there is SOCIAL ARGENTINE TANGO. You are less likely to have seen what social tango looks like. A room will be packed with couples dancing together. Each couple will be completely improvising their dance, yet they won't be interfering with other couples, and the whole mass of people will be slowly circling the room together. The partners will be embracing each other closely, and the women will often be dancing with their eyes closed. Their dance may be intricate, but it won't be as flashy as stage tango. The couple will be dancing primarily to please each other, rather than trying to impress external observers.